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Oracle Cards are often referred to by several different names including: Guidance Oracle DeckAngel Cards, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Spiritual Guidance Cards, Tarot Cards and Tarot Decks etc. While there are many different types of Oracle Decks, with different designs and number of cards, they’re all used for the same purpose: guidance, clarity and inspiration. We call our Deck Guidance Oracle Cards.

Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards offer One message in 52 beautiful ways. Each Card is an illuminating reminder of the Love that abides within you always, while the Guidebook aims to help you cultivate a deeper ‘knowing’, of this ever-present Love, through the connection with your own internal Guidance.  Read more..


Buy Fantasy Art Greeting Cards


Little Wings fantasy art Greeting Cards feature fairies, universal Light beings, elementals, elves and nature Spirits.

Choose from an assortment of Birthday Cards, Get Well Cards and our All-purpose Greeting Cards.  You can also keep a selection of Cards on hand by opting for our quantity discounts.

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Little Wings have a great range of versatile designs available as waterproof Transparent, Holographic and Vinyl Stickers.  Because our Stickers are waterproof they can be applied outdoors to cars, windows, walls and just about anywhere without fading or losing quality.

Customisation is available on our Vinyl Stickers which allows you to add your own Town and Country details.