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Mankind’s search for peace has been evident throughout all of time. Many conflicts manifest through a striving to attain peace. Yet, the absence of peace has seemingly become the focus, instead of peace itself.

The awareness of peace

I used to believe that in order to find peace meant that I had to create a peaceful environment. I thought that peace was only in the world around me. So, I attempted to manipulate my surroundings. This worked, to a degree, until an inevitable distraction came along.

It would occur to me often, that when I was in a quiet environment, the noisiest thing around was my own thinking mind.  I didn’t realise, however, that the ceaseless mental chatter was leaving no ‘space’ for Peace to be apparent.

Beyond all of the thousands of interwoven programs, perceptions, conditions, opinions, judgements, emotions, facts, and ideas, is Peace. Peace is closer than our breath. We don’t have to believe in peace for it to exist. You could say that Peace is the continuous ‘humm’ of existence itself.  Losing peace, or losing the awareness of peace, is simply choosing not to give it our attention.

Do we ‘find’ peace?

Perhaps, finding peace involves a choice?  We are choosing for, or against peace all the time.  Ultimately, peace is an inward experience, but more than that…so much more  It’s not a commodity or a ‘thing’.  We cannot see it in the world, but we can experience its effects.  Do we ‘find’ peace then? or just our own awareness of it?

To re-establish the inward experience, of peace, is to find a practice that helps point the awareness inward. A tool of sorts, is required because we have become so distracted by all the moving phenomena and the thinking mind. These distractions appear to move us away from fully and consciously being present to the experience of perpetual inner peace.

peace of mind meditation the bright pathMeditation for inner peace

Any meditation practice that helps point the awareness inward is going to be of benefit.

The Ishayas Ascension Meditation comes from an ancient tradition, and teaches the art of resting the awareness inward.  Practicing this technique changes the relationship to the thinking mind.

I was taught the simple and easy to use techniques of Ascension, based on Praise, Gratitude and Love. I fast became hooked to the immediate calm it brought me, and I immersed myself in the practice of Ascension meditation.

Through my practice I discovered that the more I used the techniques, the more my awareness was naturally drawn to the quiet, still space within, beyond the chatter of the mind.

The inner experience of peace, a peace not understood by the mind, becomes the foundation from which life is lived.  And not only that but the positive effects of resting the awareness inward, filtrates into all other aspects of life, naturally resulting in more harmony, alertness, productivity, love and joy.

I’ve been a Teacher, Anya Devi, of Ascension Meditation, with The Bright Path, since 2014.  It’s a joy sharing such beautiful easy ways of re-discovering inner peace. It’s great to see people who have learned to Ascend, shine and live much fuller lives.

peace of mind meditation the bright path

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