Knock, knock nature calling

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The land, the animals, and the elements all help to sustain our physical existence here on Earth. But considering how dependent we are on nature, how connected to nature are we?  And if we are not intimately connected to our natural world, what is it that has distracted us from it?  Surely, because we are dependents and descendants of nature, we would focus on the importance of care toward the most fundamental contributor to human survival; our food, water, air, and the living soil.

Mankind are caretakers of the natural world.

Thank you caretakers

I have a theory that the farmers, who practice wholesome techniques in food farming and production, should be getting paid what the politicians are paid, and the politicians be paid what the farmers are paid.  In doing so, it would keep the politicians honest, because they would be doing their job for love.  And the farmers would be rewarded for their knowledge in sustainably growing, harvesting and producing whole food.

The food the farmers grow keep humans alive.  What do the politicians grow for the future of our species?

Thank a local farmer or take a moment to thank nature.

Even one single pair of hands lovingly touching the ground, spreading seeds, watering, and tending to the soil, or simply being aware of and acknowledging the endless generosity of nature, creates a ripple effect that travels through the universe.

Our Earth, is a living, feeling entity, and favorably responds, just as we do, to Love.

Love is the great healer.  Let’s love the Earth enough to make our own body care and household products.  We can re-use containers limiting fuel consumption and mass transportation, and maybe even grow our own food and shop at the local farmers markets.  Source meat from ethical farmers and limit or stop buying foods that include chemicals and synthetic additives.

Natures gifts

Natural home made products are great for many reasons;

  1. Nature provides us with so many, time honored, healing herbs.  Herbal lore has been around and used safely and effectively for centuries.  Learning about herbs and natural ingredients connects us with the natural world.
  2. We become inspired to grow our own ingredients. This takes us into the garden and connects us with our natural environment.
  3. It’s empowering to create wholesome and effective products, and to loosen the dependents on outside sources.
  4. Home made products are affordable and sometimes even cheap, and if you are growing things yourself, then some ingredients will be free!
  5. Because we can re-use our product containers we are lessening the impact of waste and plastics going into the earth.

Just imagine for a moment the fuel alone that goes into producing and distributing a single can of hairspray.  The list includes the fuel used for the shipping of the products ingredients to the factory, the fuel for the ingredients of the can manufacturing, the fuel for the transportation of the label and packaging, and the fuel used for the transport you would use to go to the store to buy it.

In house and easy

Home made hair, body and household products can be user friendly, effective, and can even promote better health and vitality naturally.  As physical beings we are born of the earth, and are subsequently made up of all the same minerals.  Just like the body, all these minerals and trace minerals are required for the earths harmonious existence.  To sustain a balance involves each being to simply consider their own personal footprint upon the natural world.

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Home made Face Tonic, Skin and Hair Serum, and Charcoal Toothpaste. Skin & Hair Serum recipe here