Letting go – the art of not trying

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The myth of perfection

Letting go was never a natural response for me, and for the greater part of my life I was always trying to reach a certain idea I had around success.  I tried to attain perfect health, the perfect lifestyle, perfect abundance, and the perfect relationship.  My life was hinged upon one thing… trying.  Trying to reach an unrealistic ideal of perfection. This way of living took a lot of energy and not only that, it became increasingly obvious that I was getting nowhere.

Letting go

letting go

In 2010 things began to turn around.  The change came through the very opposite of trying, which was that of letting go. It was not that I didn’t want a great lifestyle, good health and so on, it was just that I began to let go of the need to have them in a certain way, or at a particular time.

Through this time I noticed that all the effort I put into trying, was in fact a distraction to my experience of Life here and now.  Not only that but my need to control life was placing limits on the very goals I was trying to achieve.  This is because while I was formulating the way things ‘should’ go, the potential of the moment to manifest something even more wonderful remained invisible to me.  Said another way, because I declared that things must go my way, I was missing out on the avenues for Life to give to me in even greater ways.  I lacked trust in the natural unfolding of Life.

But how do things get done without trying?

There’s a difference between trying and doing. To control life often results in meeting obstacles due to us becoming ‘out of sync’ with the natural harmony of Life. This way of living, in my experience, is exhausting.

When we live from the present moment, however, there is an impulse from within that moves us to act.  This always occurs at precisely at the right time. The ‘doing’ that manifests from this inward prompt is of an effortless nature, because it has been prompted by the flow of Life Itself.


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

– John Lennon


Letting go means to meet life exactly where life is happening… here and now 

When we truly let go, we allow the full unfolding of each moment, as it is, not how we want it to be, or how we think it should be.


letting go - freedomAllowance is the key to freedom

By allowing each temporary thought, sensation, or emotion to simply be, without trying to change anything, it helps them to move through, and out of, the nervous system naturally.  This creates a significant positive contribution to our overall good health.

I can clearly see now that the greatest things which have occurred in my life have been the things that happened without a ‘me trying’.  It appears as though the less I try, the greater and more brilliantly life unfolds.

So, I’ve surrendered the strain of planning, controlling, and trying, and instead, I simply trust that everything is manifesting perfectly.  The only thing I need to do is get out of the way, follow my inner impulse to act, and be completely content with what is occurring right NOW.

It may seem opposite to the way we are taught, but I highly recommend ‘not trying’ for yourself and see what happens.