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With a focus on wellness, artist, writer, and meditation teacher Sonja Kallio writes this blog to share with you some insights and helpful things that she discovered on the path to good health.  “There’s a book called ‘Love your disease it’s keeping you healthy’.  I can relate to this statement because it took my own ill health for me to start genuinely caring for myself.  I didn’t realise I had been living so far from my potential.”

“What takes precedence for me now is absolute simplicity.  The simplicity of nature, the simplicity of natural home grown food, and the simplicity of home made body products.  Simplifying everything, meditating, and creating less busy-ness, is all part of liviing a stress free life.”

The blog, as it evolves, will include suggestions for;

  • Natural body care
  • Meditation
  • Gardening
  • Healthy eating
  • anything in relation to wholesome living and raising consciousness.