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sonja kallio - cosmic existence

The Universe is One and eternal, ‘Uni-verse’ meaning one turning or one song. All things and events emerge from that One.

Little Wings represent a foundation of Light beings. They abide in this radiant Universe and exist as individuated Rays of Light, extended from One Source of all Light. They are each created perfectly equal and endowed with unlimited will, freedom and awareness.

Light beings have one purpose… to extend Love through creation.

While the Universe consists of individuated Rays of Lights, forms also occur. They are not fixed forms, however, as all beings have the ability to trans-form or shape-shift at will.

There came a point, as the story goes, within this kaleidoscope of changing Light forms, when some beings chose to become fixated or over-identified with their creation. This had a monumental effect.

The over-identification with form evoked an idea of judgement or comparison, and subsequently led to a belief in separation. To believe they were separated from their Source instantly instilled fear.

The energy of fear, which had not existed before, produced something like a downfall – a slowing down of vibration – a dimming of their Light. This in turn made their form seem dense, solid and fixed.

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In this fixed state many Light beings forgot who they were. Some slipped so far into believing the reality of form, that they became human, and appeared then to be held in a thing called time.

Many beings perpetuated separate lifetimes, time and time again, for when they recognised, or saw the Truth of who they really were, they became afraid of their infinite Power and reverted back into separation.

These all-powerful beings of Light, who had everything and were everything, had become pretenders living in a limited world of make-believe.

It is astounding that such a huge shift in awareness could occur through one tiny choice, a single idea held as truth. But although the belief of separation seemed real, it in fact never really happened.

An extension of the eternal cannot cease to be eternal. And a belief of something not true does not make it true, it makes it an illusion.

While the Light beings believed they were experiencing lifetimes as separate beings, isolated and alone, it actually only occurred within the framework of their own free thinking minds.

Because the mind is so powerful, it can literally create worlds upon worlds, and reflect to itself whatever it chooses to identify with.

This is the very magnificence and Mystery of Creation.

The Truth of Universal Oneness remains within each being, no matter how forgetful they are of their native Home. And all will, at some point, feel the stirring of their Origin, and choose to abide again, wholly in their true and eternal nature.

And this is why the Little Wings Collection is here… as all it takes, sometimes, is just a little reminder.


Little Wings Book of Guidance, Sonja Kallio, (2012, p.iii)

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