New to reading Guidance Oracle Cards?

new to reading oracle cards

Tuning in to the ‘Oracle’

Reading Guidance Oracle Cards is easy, even if it is a new thing for you.  There are 7 easy steps to follow on How to Read Oracle Cards here on the Little Wings Collection website.  The instructions will give you a simple, yet comprehensive understanding of the some helpful ways to get the most out of your Oracle Card readings.

I have been using Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards since 2011. The Book of Guidance always gives me an insightful focus on any given day.  I have also noticed that using these Cards have helped me to develop a deeper trust in the messages I receive from my own inner Guidance.

Clarity is something I have learned to enjoy, especially when it comes to reading.  When I was new to reading Guidance Oracle Cards, the Guidebooks that were clearly written were the easiest to use which is why, when I wrote the Little Wings Book of Guidance, the emphasis was to deliver concise and clear messages.

Reading Guidance Oracle Cards

Learn how to Read Oracle Cards in 7 easy Steps