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About the art

Using traditional media, pencil, pen and indian ink on watercolour paper, ‘Innocence’ (pictured) was the first image in the Little Wings Collection.

Since its inception in year 2000, the fine art Collection, created by Australian artist Sonja Kallio, has continued to expand, evolve and grow.

The entire series portrays ethereal themes, primarily made up of planets, stars, moons, and star beings.

Images from the Little Wings Collection have been sold as Greeting Cards and Prints since 2004.  Most originals have been digitally coloured, since 2009, with many of them published now as Oracle Cards, Greeting Cards, Prints, and Stickers.

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ethereal;    extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.

Little Wings artist

With a touch of the whimsy and a feel for the surreal, Sonja Kallio’s art transports her audience into a magical journey of fantastical dreams.

Through the Little Wings Collection she explores timeless and Universal themes, bringing you images from visionary realms to inspire your soul, enlighten your mind, and uplift your Heart.

“I have a habit of making things beautiful.  It’s a bit O.C.D. actually, so I’ve got an excuse.  I have tried drawing ugly creatures and they just end up looking pretty.  Even my medieval dragons look pretty.”

sonja kallio
Sonja Kallio
art by fire sonja kallio
trophies art by fire sonja kallio
trophies art by fire sonja kallio
trophies art by fire sonja kallio
Portrait Pyrography by Sonja Kallio
Eagle Mirror Pyrography by sonja kallio
guitars pyrography by sonja kallio
wall hangings pyrography by sonja kallio
sunflower deva sonja kallio

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little wings collection butterfly

About Little Wings Studio

Traditional Media

  • Pencil line drawings / sketches

  • Pen and ink on watercolour paper

  • Watercolour, pen and ink.

Digital Media

  • Image refining/alteration

  • Background alterations

  • Colouring

  • Vector image production for animation and large scale projects.

Custom and commission inquiries are welcome.

Commissioned work is supplied ready to hang or print according to requirements.  Commission costs are determined after initial specs are observed and 25% deposit is required prior to project commencement.

Enquiries:  For illustration, design, and customised pyrography please email Sonja with your specifications or project ideas here.



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