About Little Wings Collection

Located on the beautiful Byron Bay Coast of Australia, Little Wings Collection publish and supply a unique range of uplifting and inspirational products.

The entire Collection includes over 50 fantasy art illustrations created by Australian artist Sonja Kallio.  Each intricate images has been reproduced into quality Guidance Oracle Cards, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Prints, and Stickers.  All of these items are available on this site as well as through exclusive outletsLittle Wings Collection also supply retailers and marketers with a selection of products at wholesale prices.

Sonja Kallio

From the artist..

I’ve been drawing since I was young, and in year 2000 I began drawing illustrations of star beings. It was not an intentional endeavor, however for the next 9 years they were the only thing I felt inspired to draw. My experience was as though the star beings manifested themselves on paper, while I watched their characters emerge in awe.

As each star being evolved they would portray silent messages to me through their expression, action, emotion, and character. It seemed that they had shaped themselves into a human-like form so that we could relate to them. Furthermore, from their own light, humorous and non-judgemental perspective they displayed or mimicked the various antics of humans.

Over the course of time each character that I drew offered me insight and alternate ways in which to view myself, life, and the world. I could see myself in each character in addition to the collective conscience of mankind as well. Consequently, it was a time of immensely enjoyable, completely absorbing creativity.

In 2010 I felt compelled to share the insights I had learned through this fascinating journey of self-discovery. As I sorted through the drawings, single words for each image became blatantly apparent. This finding led me to construct a set of Guidance Oracle Cards.  By 2011 I had completed the writing and self-published the Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards and Book of Guidance.

About the art

‘Innocence’ was the first of more than 50 images in the Little Wings Collection, created in year 2000 (see below). I stumbled across the technique of colouring the background black, and found the effect quite striking.  So each illustration was hand-drawn on watercolour paper then intricately painted in pen and black ink.

The first selection of drawings were reproduced in 2004 and sold as black and white fantasy art Prints and Greeting Cards. In 2008 I introduced colour to the original drawings using digital media.  And from there the Collection has continued to evolve, change and grow.



The printing and production of Little Wings has been as equally important as the creation, in as far as allowing the natural flow. Originally printed in Australia, Little Wings later moved on to the wonderful island of Bali.  Here it landed in the hands of some kind and loving beings who are always happy to facilitate our printing requirements.



Distribution has been solely through cold canvassing and by finding unique independent stores that advocate similar life principals. Most of our outlets are health, heart and soul oriented. It has been a joy for me to create the Little Wings Collection. Overall I have allowed creation to do its own incredible thing, and even ‘let go’ in the distribution arena just to observe how Little Wings flies on its own.

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sonja kallio