Guidance Oracle Cards – 52 Cards & Book Set


Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards feature a 52 Card Deck and accompanying Guidebook.  Each of the hand-drawn Oracle Cards offer clear, insightful messages throughout the fully illustrated Book of Guidance.  These unique Guidance Oracle Cards deliver an overall outstanding Card Set housed in a handy organza pouch.

See Oracle Cards examples below.

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Oracle Card Box

Make choosing your Oracle Cards easy (see pictured)

Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards enable you to perform insightful Card readings with ease.  Even if you are new at reading Oracle Cards you will find that simply choosing one Little Wings Oracle Card for the day will offer you more than enough to contemplate.  Have a look at our step by step guide on How to Read Oracle Cards here

Written from the perspective of outer galactic star beings, Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards offer heartfelt, yet openly honest, insights into the world and antics of humans.  These perspectives allow you to recognise deeper aspects of yourself which in turn challenge you to overcome old outdated habit patterns.  Used daily, the Little Wings Oracle can benefit every aspect of both your inner and outer world.

Select any of the Guidance Oracle Cards below to read the meaning;


Oracle Cards - Love


Oracle Cards - Trust


Oracle Cards - Intention


Oracle Cards - Sincerity


Oracle Cards - Allow


Oracle Cards - Kindness

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    I just love your oracle cards….calming words of love,wisdom and guidance.Most days I draw three cards….and one for luck…and allow that message to guide my day.They are always relevant,keep me in the present and help me to gain insight and a more loving outcome in any situation I may encounter.Thank you for bringing them into my life. Trevor Bailey

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    Thank you for my Oracle Cards, I am very happy with them. They are so beautiful and really accurate and every time I read them I trust my own intuition more.

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    Ive just received my Little Wing Guidance Cards and they have some lovely art work on them, all of which was done by the author herself. They are a small deck but that kind of makes them easier to shuffle, which I like. They are very whimsical by nature so anyone who likes a pack of cards that are different then these would be worth looking at. The guidance in these cards is more philosophical than your standard deck so if you want to look a little deeper at the question you are asking guidance about, then they help you to see the other side of the coin as it were, that’s to say, they speak to you about what you may be missing or even simplifying an answer in a way that you had not thought of. Sometimes when we search for answers we can over complicate things so these cards bring everything back to basics for you. If you want to dig a little deeper and like a pack of cards that actually make you think about your situation, then these would make a nice addition to your collection. Personally, I like them.

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