How to read Oracle Cards

If you don’t know how to read Oracle Cards, and you’ve been a little concerned that it might be difficult, then you can stop worrying because it’s easy.  My method is to shuffle the Cards until I intuitively stop. Then I splay them out and choose 3 Cards, placing them face up on the table.

For a more involved Oracle Card reading add any of these 7 steps..

How to read Oracle Cards in 7 easy steps.

1. Clear your physical space.

Clear and create a space so you can comfortably read your Oracle Cards. Turn off any noisy appliances and your phones so that you are not disturbed. Make sure there are no distracting influences, and there is a space of tranquility around you. To learn how to read Oracle Cards just takes a little practice.  It is helpful, therefore, if you can create the allocated space, time and privacy so as to allow your full focus and attention.

Clearing a space before using your Oracle Cards can also be part of an opening ritual.  This is a habitual set of actions that help to focus your mind. An opening ritual can help increase your awareness, focus, and also the clarity of what you receive in the Card reading.

smudge stick - Little Wings Collection

An opening ritual is a very personal thing and it’s important that it is something you enjoy. How to do an opening ritual may include spreading a special cloth upon the table where you will read the Oracle Cards.  It could also be the placement of a flower, an amulet, a stone or even a framed picture of your chosen Deity, Saint or Angel. If you feel inclined you may choose to say a prayer or chant a mantra. You may light a candle or clear the air with incense or essential oils.  You may even use a smudge stick to cleanse your room and around your body’s energetic field. Do whatever you feel drawn to do in order to help create a comfortable and peaceful surrounding for reading your Oracle Cards.


2. Clear your mind and mental space.

Clarity of mind helps greatly with using your Oracle Cards. Once you have created a peaceful environment, relax into a comfortable position and focus on clearing your internal space. This may involve resting your awareness inward, and gently observing the breath, your physical sensations, or the thoughts in the mind.

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As thoughts arise, instead of holding onto them, see them as passing clouds in the sky. Become the observer of the thoughts. If thoughts arise that you wish to give importance to, have a pen and paper handy so that you can write them down and refer to them again later. Alternatively, you can visualize placing these thoughts in a box for you to retrieve at another point in time. For a good Oracle Card reading you want to allow your mind to be spacious, open and present.


3. Form a question to be answered by the Oracle Card reading.

This step is optional and sometimes you may simply want a general Card reading, however you can also formulate a clear question.

How to Read Oracle CardsAfter you have rested your attention inward and attuned to your subtler energies, it may become easier to know your question. A question may just appear in your mind, or you may have a current circumstance or situation that is already presenting a question for you.

Questions for your Oracle Cards may include; What are alternative approaches to a situation I am currently facing?  What other factors might I not be noticing within a situation?  What is a deeper understanding of a situation or person?  What is it I have placed in the way, blocking my true joy, which requires healing? or what is my life purpose?

4. Align with your inner Guidance.

inner guidance - Little Wings Collection‘Tune in’ to your inner Guidance by taking your awareness inward.  Allow the awareness to rest there a moment, in a space of silence. Give yourself permission to stop.

You may recognize your Guidance as Spirit Guides, Angels, your In-tuition, or a deeper sense of knowing. Through reading the Oracle Cards you may like to ask your Guidance to be present with you, or you may simply ask to know the messages you need to receive.

5. Intuitively select the Oracle Cards.

Take the Oracle Cards, and as you shuffle them hold the question you wish to ask within your mind. You may also choose not to have a question, and simply do a ‘broad’ reading. Shuffle the Oracle Cards until you feel ready.

Fan the deck of Oracle Cards out in one hand, or on the table, with the images facing away from you.  Then choose the Card that ‘feels’ right.  It is not possible to choose a ‘wrong’ Card, since the Law of Attraction is in action every time a Card is drawn. You may wish to then choose another 1 or 2 Cards from the shuffled deck for the Card reading.Guidance Oracle Cards - Little Wings Collection

 6. Read the selected Oracle Cards.

Look at the first Oracle Card you’ve chosen. Notice what thoughts arise as soon as you view the Oracle Card. Be open to what comes to your mind with innocence and curiosity.

While viewing the Oracle Card’s image, deeper insights can arise, revealing more clarity around the answer to your question. Remember, you are not trying to think up the answer.  It is more like you are allowing a space for the answer to be revealed.

Oracle Cards often inspire changes within yourself, rather than prompting you to actively try and change things in the world.  For example it may be necessary for you to find self-forgiveness in order to overcome a certain unfavorable situation.

How to Read Oracle CardsTo really initiate true and lasting change involves having an open mind.  It also requires you to honesty look at yourself, your beliefs, and your self-defeating thought patterns.

If you find that the same Card keeps appearing, what this usually means is that the Law of Attraction is telling you to pay attention to the message and to follow the Guidance offered.

Oracle Card Sets usually include a Guidebook.  This is where you can refer to regarding the messages for each Oracle Card and how to interpret your Card reading.

7. Gratitude

When you feel a sense of gratitude toward a situation or person that seemed to be troubling you, it is a sign that healing has occurred.

When should I read my Oracle Cards?

You can read Oracle Cards daily or at any time you require additional guidance.

At times a Card reading can take hours and sometimes even days for the message to become completely clear. Allow yourself as much time, introspection and contemplation as is necessary.  This will allow you to deepen the Card’s messages and clarify the insights of the Card reading further.

Am I reading my Oracle Cards too often?

That depends on how often you’re reading your Oracle Cards. If you find you need to read Oracle Cards for every single decision you need to make then yes, you’re reading Oracle Cards too often.

Oracle Cards are tools that offer general guidance. They do not predict your future, as such, since you always have free will to make your own choices.  Instead they offer you insight into the bigger picture.  What is important about reading Oracle Cards is that you learn to operate from your ‘knowing’ sense. By doing so you will naturally feel inspired to do a Card reading when you genuinely require Guidance.

Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards

Little Wings Oracle Cards have been illustrated, designed and written by Australian artist/author Sonja Kallio. They are an easy to use deck of Cards designed to suit a beginner as well as those experienced in using Oracle or Tarot Cards.

The purpose of Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards is to redirect the mind from what seems to be occurring in the world, to what is really occurring within you. Through this subtle shift in awareness you are able to discover the eternal presence of Guidance that always resides within you.

Each Oracle Card correlates with a full page illustration, along with an inspiring insight. The Guidebooks messages do not aim to present mere ideas for the thinking mind, or beliefs for you to follow, but instead serve to help you remember and cultivate a connection with your own Guidance within. Each message, therefore, is offered as a beautiful gift for you to receive and reflect upon, within your Heart, where you can feel if it resonates with what you know to be true.

How to read Oracle Cards


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