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Conscious Giving

little wings collection - valentine

Conscious giving is when we give to another from an intuitive space. This occurs when we ‘tune out’ of the thinking mind, and ‘tune in’ to our Heart.  From the Heart we experience more of a present ‘knowing’ of what, and how, to give. Living from our intuition is utilising a different operating system to […]

The how and why of Little Wings

Mushroom Garden - Little Wings Collection

HOW did the Little Wings Collection come to be? The how and why of Little Wings is relatively simple.  I have always had a natural inclination to create. Drawing and art are easy for me.  However, I am also a practical person and have always turned my art into use-able or useful products. For example […]


Animated eCards are a great, easy gift idea to send via email to your friends and family.  Send Little Wings FREE animated eCards as many times as you like including going away eCards and birthday eCards. Select your eCard by clicking on the small dot below your chosen Card. Fill in the details (your details […]