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Do you want to predict your future?

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The human mind thinks in linear terms, or in a line. Thinking in a line creates a continuum which in turn joins the past to the future, leaving out the ‘now’.  Not only that but our thoughts of the past, and worries about the future, keep us held within the confines of time. Thinking and […]

Letting go – the art of not trying

The myth of perfection Letting go was never a natural response for me, and for the greater part of my life I was always trying to reach a certain idea I had around success.  I tried to attain perfect health, the perfect lifestyle, perfect abundance, and the perfect relationship.  My life was hinged upon one […]

Conscious Giving

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Conscious giving is when we give to another from an intuitive space. This occurs when we ‘tune out’ of the thinking mind, and ‘tune in’ to our Heart.  From the Heart we experience more of a present ‘knowing’ of what, and how, to give. Living from our intuition is utilising a different operating system to […]

Where to find Peace

Mankind’s search for peace has been evident throughout all of time. Most conflicts manifest from a striving to find peace. Yet, the absence of peace has seemingly become the focus, instead of peace itself. How did we lose our awareness of peace? I used to believe that in order to find peace I had to […]