What are Oracle Cards?


Just like Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards are a set of Cards used primarily for divination or inspiration. Therefore, they are used to help facilitate insight or guidance to help you through particular circumstances in life.

Do you want to predict your future?

predict your future - little wings collection

Each moment is presenting us with a choice; we can either live life caught up in the mind, thinking of the past and future, or we can live life, as it is presented to us, ‘now’.

What is conscious giving?

little wings collection - valentine

The intuition is like an inner voice or guide. Where it distinctly differs from the thinking mind, however, is in the area of ‘all knowing’. The mind can accumulate lots of facts, opinions, conclusions, and perceptions, but it cannot ‘know’ the many variants within both the seen and unseen worlds, at the same time. Our intuition can.