Do you want to predict your future?

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The human mind thinks in linear terms, or in a line. Thinking in a line creates a continuum which in turn joins the past to the future, leaving out the ‘now’.  Not only that but our thoughts of the past, and worries about the future, keep us held within the confines of time. Thinking and time, therefore, are intertwined.

Time for now

Because of the way we are taught to think we are in the habit of completely bypassing the present moment.  This occurs to a point where there are very few moments in a persons lifetime that are actually lived.  We have been taught to dream of future circumstances, with the belief that when we reach the goal ‘then’ we can be happy.  Society has led us to strive for things but only when we get them can we be content.  But, the only time we can actually experience happiness and contentment is now.  Do you see the conundrum?

Keep it simple

If we can only really experience our contentment in the present moment then we have to live fully in every moment.  Traveling in third-world countries gave me the opportunity to be with those that have very little.  Some of them were the happiest people I have ever met.  Mostly, they lived simple lives free of craving past or future ideals.  By living this way, they could experience the fullness of life in every given moment.

What the future holds

Through practicing meditation and reminding myself to be present, I came to notice that there is a certain excitement in not knowing the exact details of my future.  By removing the need to over-plan, we can experience more of what our past choices have created right now.

Predict your future or live now

Tools to be present

Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards are about releasing the limitations of time and delivering you, instead, to the eternal present moment.  They remind you that Peace, Love and Joy are internal ‘states’ which can only be experienced, you guessed it, NOW!

Ascension Meditation is a practice using easy, effective, and powerful tools which gently return the awareness to the present moment.  What I find particularly appealing about this form of meditation is that you can use the techniques with your eyes open or closed.  Since I was taught in 2014 I went on to become a teacher of this practice and I recommend it wholeheartedly.  There are regular courses held worldwide.  Visit the website for details or feel free to contact me for any information.

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