What are Oracle Cards?

What exactly are Oracle Cards?  Like Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards are a set of Cards used primarily for divination or inspiration.  Therefore, they are used to help facilitate insight or guidance through particular circumstances in life.  Many people refer to Oracle Cards generically as Angel Cards due to the positive, uplifting guidance they provide.

What is an Oracle?

In ancient times an ‘Oracle’ was a sacred place where people went to connect with Spirit or Deities.  An ‘Oracle’ was also known as a wise person, or ‘seer’ who was gifted or capable of giving Guidance.  Meanwhile today we refer to these people as clairvoyants, psychics or mediums.

Tarot versus Oracle

Oracle Cards are similar to Tarot Cards as they are both used for divination, but there is a difference. The difference is that Oracle Cards usually have a set theme like angels, fairies or animals while the Tarot is divided up into suites.  Most Oracle Decks don’t have any divisions at all and are often quite simple, where each Card has an image, a word or sometimes a number, and that is all.

How to choose your Oracle Cards

There are many types of Oracle Cards available. Angel Cards, Divination Cards, Affirmation Cards, Divine Healing Cards, Guidance Oracle Cards, and Spiritual Guidance Cards are but to name a few.

Choosing an Oracle Deck or Tarot Deck is a very personal thing as they all hold a unique flavor or quality.  So when choosing a pack, use your intuition and go with whichever Deck stands out for you.

What are Oracle Cards?

Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards offer one primary message in 52 beautiful ways.  Each Card is an illuminating reminder of the Love that abides within you always. The Little Wings Oracle Guidebook shows you how to cultivate a deeper ‘knowing’ of this ever-present Love, through your Hearts own Guidance.

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How to Read Oracle Cards?



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