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Little Wings supply a range of unique wholesale gift items available for Retailers, Marketers, and business owners in the field of health and well-being.

Guidance Oracle Cards Display

We are pleased to supply great Australian made quality products and offer wholesale customers small minimum purchase quantities.

Offering exclusive products to exclusive outlets is our aim, rather than mass producing and distribution, so if you’re a Retailer looking for something with a bit of Heart and Soul, check out our Little Wings Wholesale selection below.

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Current WHOLESALE items

Wholesale Guidance Oracle Cards

Our featured item, Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards, include 52 quality Cards, plus Book of Guidance with full page colour illustrations. Cards and Book are housed in a handy organza pouch and are supplied with swing tag and bar code.


Guidance Oracle Cards

Guidance Oracle Cards - Display Box

FREE Store Display Stands are supplied to wholesale customers stocking this item.  Includes 52 Card deck plus Little Wings Guidebook. Approx size 15 x 12 cm.

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stickers - power to the peaceful

Wholesale Stickers

Holographic and Transparent Stickers are supplied packaged in a clear sleeve with ‘how to apply’ instructions.  Minimum quantity of 4 per Sticker design.  Sticker size 11x11cm.

Vinyl Stickers come in minimum quantities of 12 per design.  These Stickers are waterproof and are not packaged.  Approximate size 9x9cm.

Holographic Stickers

Packaged in a clear sleeve with ‘How to Apply’ instructions.

Water and fade resistant Holographic Stickers

Size 11x11cm

Holographic Stickers


‘Love’, ‘Mushrooms’ & ‘Om’



Flower of Life Holographic Stickers - Blue


‘Flower of Life’

Holographic Stickers

Size 11x11cm


Transparent Stickers

Packaged in a clear sleeve with ‘How to Apply’ instructions.

Water and fade resistant Transparent Stickers

Size 11x11cm

Mushrooms Purple Transparent Stickers


‘Purple Mushrooms’

Transparent Stickers

Size 11x11cm

transparent peace stickers



Transparent Stickers
Size 11x11cm





Vinyl Stickers

Waterproof Vinyl Stickers.  Size varies according to design

Moongirl - Vinyl Stickers


‘Moon Girl’

Vinyl Stickers

Size 9x9cm

herbal lore - custom stickers


‘Herbal Lore’

Vinyl Stickers

Size 10x6cm

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Wholesale Greeting Cards

See our range of unique fantasy art Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, Valentine Cards, Thank you Cards, Inspirational, and all-purpose Greeting Cards.


See ALL Greeting Cards
Grace - Greeting Cards
Hang in There - Greeting Cards
Adventure - Greeting Cards
Black Birdy - Greeting Cards
Blowing Kisses - Greeting Cards
Catching wind - Postcard

Wholesale Postcards

Quality Postcards,  standard postcard size. Printed in Australia.


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Hanging Display

FREE Hanging Display Stands are available to wholesale customers stocking Greeting Cards and/or Stickers. 

Hanging Display holds up to 10 x Greeting Cards and/or Sticker Designs (4 in each pocket). The Display size is 17cm wide with an adjustable length.

Stickers - Greeting Cards hanging displayStickers - Greeting Cards hanging display

We’d love to have you join our great hub of Retail Stockists.  If you have any queries, for new Display Stands or replacement Stands please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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