A Collection of Inspired Art Infused with Universal Wisdom and Timeless Teachings

Guidance Oracle Cards - Intention
Guidance Oracle Cards - Trust
Guidance Oracle Cards - Allow
guidance oracle cards

Little Wings Collection Guidance Oracle Cards offer a unique blend of hand-drawn fantasy artwork and insightful messages.

Each Card is crafted to convey a self-reflective theme or concept, allowing you to tap into your own internal nature, and gain valuable insights into various aspects of your life.

Whether you are seeking clarity in relationships, career decisions, or personal growth, Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards can serve as a helpful tool for finding clarity, insight, and inspiration, throughout your life.

“These are the most wonderful cards I have seen, and I have purchased more than a few in my time. The drawings speak to my heart and the words describing each of the cards are so well written.”  – Julie

guidance oracle cards little wings collection

Little Wings Oracle Sets include a 52 Card Deck, and fully illustrated Book of Guidance, both housed individually, in a handy organza pouch. 

Little Wings Guidance Oracle

“This deck has touched me, and I know that my other friend, whom I gifted these cards too, loves them as well.  I will always share these cards and the goodness they bring.  SO APPRECIATIVE!”  – T.J.

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