Fantastic fairies and unicorns help make up the ever evolving,
very unique Little Wings Collection of ethereal inspired treasures.  Here is where you can bring a bit of magic into your life, find a wonderful gift or simply hang out awhile and explore the magical spaces to discover.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift try our little gem of a shop to find amazing and unique gifts for sale such as fairy inspired notebooks and our gorgeous Guidance Oracle Cards. 


Exploring the Oracle

Guidance Oracle Cards - Trust
Guidance Oracle Cards - Allow
Guidance Oracle Cards - Love

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Little Wings Oracle Readings

Pull a card for guidance, allow your imagination to weave through the image, then by reading the helpful message you’ll be able to really get to the heart of the matter.

oracle cards

“Positive, Insightful, Beautiful”


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“These are the most wonderful cards I have seen and I have purchased more than a few in my time. The drawings speak to my heart and the words describing each of the cards are so well written.”  – Julie

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