Mind Calm Technique

Hone your awareness ‘muscle’
Learning simple techniques to mentally focus can help us to become present and consciously aware.  Why is this important?  The ability to consciously focus, offers us mental clarity which helps decision making, easy.
Present awareness automatically makes us more grounded, emotionally calm and mentally alert. 
The different focus points in this exercise can be practiced at any time, and for longer lengths of time. 
Once you overcome the ‘idea’ that it’s boring, you can set challenges for yourself to further sharpen your awareness.
After a short time of regular practice, you will notice your world seem easier, less complicated and enjoyable.  
You may notice your senses heighten.  
You may notice your appreciation of the world, and everything you witness and experience, expand and fill you,  bringing even more inwardly fulfilling expansion and joy.
All from simply taking short snippets of time to mentally, emotionally and physically rest.
Nothing, in a souls journey, is more valuable, than Self mastery.  
There’s nowhere else to get to. 
The trick to attaining good focus abilities is practice.
You can’t get life wrong.
Relax and know thy Self.


Love & Light 💕@littlewingscollection

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