Guidance Oracle Cards – NEW Edition!

Little Wings Collection Book of Guidance

What’s new?

The Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards have been revised with the New Edition release on March 12, 2015. Including vivid full colour illustrations, the New Edition Book of Guidance now features all 52 Card messages in alphabetical order.  The quality of the Oracle Card Deck is the same, as well as the Guidebook paper quality with an easy to handle spiral binding.

Little book with a big punch!

The Little Wings New Edition Book of Guidance contains concise, yet insightful messages.  Each message aims to remind us of our own innate ability to rest our awareness inward. By doing so, we are brought back to an awareness of the present moment.  From the present awareness, all questions and answers are ‘revealed’.

The Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards are a useful tool for remembering to listen to our intuitive Guidance, while helping to establish a Life lived here and NOW!

Guidance Oracle Cards - New Edition