Warriors Toothpaste Recipe


charcoal toothpaste

2/3 activated charcoal
1/3 bicarb soda – aluminium free
1 tsp (bentonite) clay

Mix dry ingredients well then add coconut oil until you have a paste consistency.

3 drops peppermint oil and tea tree oil
1 drop stevia for sweetening

This toothpaste is tough.  You feel tough spitting black stuff into the sink!  And you naturally have a healthy respect for this toothpaste because it can ruin your outfit.

But it rewards you in many ways. Two of which are; financially (in savings), and by empowering oneself through taking responsibility. Plus you get to minimise the use of chemical additives (often used in brand toothpastes) and re-use the toothpaste jar, saving the plastic impact in the environment.

So get tough.  Make it yourself.


Recipes and ideas designed  to promote the re-use of containers, to buy in bulk and even to grow your own ingredients.  Adopting Make it Yourself recipes can lessen the impact of plastics and fuel on the planet, while offering you and your family 100% natural and effective body products for conscious, wholesome living.

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