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Cosmic Existence

The Universe is One and eternal,’ Uni’ meaning one and ‘verse’ meaning turning or song.  One song.  All things and events emerge from that One.

Light beings abide in a radiant Universe and could be described as individuated streams of awareness, or rays of Light, which are extended from The Great Source of all Light.

All beings are created perfectly equal, each with the same eternal qualities, and endowed with unlimited potential, Love and freedom.

Light beings have one purpose… to extend Love through creation.

The Truth of Universal Oneness remains within each being, however, no matter how forgetful they are of their native Home. And all will, at some point, feel the stirring of their Origin, and choose to abide again, wholly in their true and eternal nature.

And this is why the Little Wings Collection is here… as all it takes, sometimes, is just a little reminder.


Little Wings Book of Guidance and Guidance Oracle Cards illustrated and written by Sonja Kallio, (2012, p.iii)

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