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Guidance Oracle Cards Love

True Love is unfathomable. It is vast beyond measure. It cannot be controlled, contained or possessed, but it can be allowed and extended.

The human mind looks upon forms of all kinds, person, place, or thing, and projects its love onto it. The mind then misperceives that, as its source of love.

Love is not outside of you. You are the one who brings Love to each moment. It is not the act, or the person, or thing, that is the Love. When you are doing what you Love it is because you have first decided to open your Heart in Love, and then you took action.

If you Love to dance, it is the Love that is present first and then you dance. The dancing doesn’t cause Love for yourself.

You cannot get Love, for the Source of Love is in you. Your very nature is Love. There is no need to seek it, but only to seek where you have blocked the natural flow of Love within yourself.

Allow Love to radiate through you now, as there is no set of circumstances that must change before you have the power to be in Love.

© Little Wings Book of Guidance  p65, Love