SINCERITY – Guidance Oracle Cards

Little Wings Collection Guidance Oracle Cards Sincerity

Sincerity is when you soften the Heart and allow your own self-honesty to be expressed in ways that touch and soften the Hearts of others.

Sincerity comes from an inner space that is free and at peace.

When you have embraced the shadows within the mind, you then become more willing to be honest and to cultivate a deeper honesty with everyone around you.

Enquire within yourself, in your everyday experiences, “Am I bringing the quality of sincerity to this situation? Am I coming from my deepest self-honesty?”

With true sincerity there is no pretense, there is no manipulation, and no desire to control.

Sincerity is a beautiful act of giving in that it evokes the same energy within the receiver, striking an authentic and Heart-felt communion.

© Little Wings Book of Guidance p95, Sincerity