Wise sages say ”know thy self”.  Knowing yourself gives you a fuller experience of the world, it is key to knowing the world.  Little Wings Self Discovery Workshops are designed to offer focus and guidance for you to come to know you. Not the personality you, but the ‘you’ beyond the thoughts and the limiting beliefs you may hold about yourself and the world. The Real You. 

Little Wings one on one sessions include questions or self-inquiry, self- reflections, and a variety of simple and effective exercises that can assist in uncovering what it is that makes up you.

Workshops to explore…

Are you ready to experience more present awareness and mental clarity in your life?

Focus & Observation Workshops

Investigate your power of choice to it’s full capacity. Little Wings deeply insightful 1 hour immersive workshops will help you uncover ways of acquiring sharp awareness and observation skills in everyday life.

In this workshop you can discover:

  • Observation exercises for improved focus and clarity of mind
  • Tips for becoming presently aware
  • Using nature and the world as your reflection
  • An introduction to meditation
  • How to effectively utilise the power of choice


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Learn Focus & Observation skills

Workshops are one-on-one via phone, skype or zoom.

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Little Wings 1 hour immersive workshops initiate the art of honest self reflection. 


Real Love Discovery Workshops

In this workshop you can discover;

  • Meanings behind Love, its labels and definitions
  • Your own beliefs around Love that may limit you
  • Ways of experiencing wholeness
  • Tips for eliminating fear
  • Positive Self Love
  • Ways to refine unconditional Love
  • Utilising the power of acceptance

Real Love Workshops are for those who want to explore the Reality of Love, Universal Love. The kind of Love beyond concepts, ideas or descriptions.

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Define Love and the meaning it has for you

Workshops are one-on-one via phone, skype or zoom.

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Private workshops tailor-made for you to get to know YOU!

Letting go and entering the Grace Stream

In this workshop you can discover;

  • Helpful tips for overcoming stress and anxiety
  • Exercises for introspection and reflection
  • Self observation skills
  • Effective letting go techniques

This workshop is helpful for those who have a tendency to get caught up in over-thinking, incessant worry, over-planning or victim consciousness.

Little Wings fSelf Discovery Workshops

Accepting ‘what is’

Workshops are one-on-one via phone, skype or zoom.

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Meet your Self Discovery Tour Guide


Sonja Kallio – Anya Devi

Illustrator, fantasy artist, writer, designer, mother, grandmother!!! cook, gardener, consciousness explorer and teacher of Ascension meditation with The Bright Path.

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