Wise sages would say ”know thy self”.  Knowing ourselves gives us a fuller experience of the world, it is key to knowing the world.  Little Wings Self Discovery Workshops are designed to offer focus and guidance for you to come to know you, the you beyond the personality, beyond the thoughts and beyond the limiting beliefs you may hold about yourself and the world. The Real You. 

Workshops to explore…

Are you ready to experience more present awareness and clarity in your life?

Focus & Observation Workshops

Investigate your power of choice to it’s full capacity. Little Wings deeply insightful 1 hour immersive workshops will help you uncover ways of acquiring sharp awareness and observation skills in life.

In this workshop you can discover:

  • Observation exercises for improved focus and clarity of mind
  • Tips for becoming presently aware
  • Using nature as your reflection
  • An introduction to meditation
  • Utilising the power of choice


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Learn Focus & Observation skills

Workshops are one-on-one via phone, skype or zoom.

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Little Wings 1 hour immersive workshops can assist you with learning the art of honest self reflection.

Real Love Discovery Workshops

In this workshop you can discover;

  • Meanings behind Love, its labels and definitions
  • Your beliefs around Love that may be self limiting
  • How to experience wholeness
  • Practice living life without fear
  • Positive Self Love
  • Ways to refine unconditional Love
  • Utilising the power of acceptance

Real Love Workshops are for those who wish to explore the Reality of Love, of Universal Love, a Love beyond any concepts, ideas or descriptions.

Little WIngs Real Love Discovery Workshops

Define Love and the meaning it has for you

Workshops are one-on-one via phone, skype or zoom.

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Letting go and entering the Grace Stream

In this workshop you can discover;

  • Helpful tips for overcoming stress and anxiety
  • Exercises for introspection and reflection
  • How projection is used and its common effects.
  • Letting go techniques

This workshop is helpful for those who have a tendency to get caught up in over-thinking, worry and feeling like a victim. The goal

Little Wings fSelf Discovery Workshops

Accepting ‘what is’ for yourself

Workshops are one-on-one via phone, skype or zoom.

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Little Wings Self Discovery Workshops include 4 x 1hr private sessions.

Meditation Courses

The Bright Path Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that can help bring the awareness into a direct experience of the present moment.

Ascension meditation is an easy practice that offers the experience of inner calm, clarity and contentment.

What is Ascension Meditation?
Read about Ascension (pdf)

A Mindful Choice shows the positive impact the practice of Ascension has on people’s lives. See Movie Trailer

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Private Ascension Meditation Courses – Byron Bay, Australia

If you would like to complete the First Sphere Meditation Course but cannot make a weekend Course, a private Course may be an option. These 2 hour immersive workshops run over 4 week to complete the First Sphere Course.
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Sonja Kallio – Anya Devi

Meditation teacher of Ascension, illustrator, fantasy artist, writer, designer, mother, grandmother!!! cook, gardener, lover of peace, life enthusiast and consciousness explorer!