Are You Feeling A Bit Stuck?

Suspended Little Wings Collection

What do you do when you simply feel stuck?

‘Suspended’, in the Little Wings Collection, signifies surrendering into true freedom, which is to be ok with exactly where you are, right now…all of the time. 

Do you think the girl caught in the cobweb would be truly free or liberated if she was struggling to be somewhere else?

When you’re present in your experience, conscious and fully aware in your body, fear simply ceases to exist.

Don’t believe me though, try it for yourself.

Take a moment now..

Breath.  Listen.  Allow.  Accept. 

Surrender to what your experience ‘is’…instead of what it could be.

Take a breath and ask yourself “What is here around me right now?  How do I feel in my body?  What can I hear?” 

Observe your breath. Listen to the sounds around you. Allow everything to be as it is.  Accept and be thankful for your now moment experience.

Even if you are caught up in the web of life most of the time, as we all do, try and give yourself a few moments each day to lay back and say to yourself, “There’s nothing to do.  There’s no where to go.  The shopping list can wait.  These moments are just for me, for me to be ok with me, for me to be ok with what is being presented to me, right now”.

By doing so you’ll find a wonderful gift

If you are feeling stuck, the best way to not feel stuck is to observe it. Accept your ‘stuckness’. Feel what it feels like to feel stuck, thoroughly. It’s just an experience. Ask yourself “Is there a physical sensation attached to feeling stuck”  Does feeling stuck benefit me in any way?  What it is about feeling stuck that I don’t like?”

Write down your answers.  Discover your own resistance through some good old honest self inquiry.

Fear and resistance dissolve through moment to moment acceptance of what is, and as a consequence, you are free!

Peace ✌️ Sonja 💕