Sick of Worrying?

blood moon 2022

With so many responsibilities like work, contributions to family, friends and our environment, where do we find time to see where we are as a soul, and how the unfoldment of our soul is going?

What is the ultimate goal of your soul?

Explore it just for a moment.  It is not to get ‘likes’, to attain or ‘possess’ things or to get approval.  The soul has no need for those things. 

To seek and find our own deepest and truest answers, to this ‘one’ question, can offer a huge sense of ease.  Because, somehow, we get to move forward in a ‘whole,’ and inwardly sure and inwardly balanced way. 

In addition, asking this question, for ourselves, will help determine our core values and moral code, becoming tools to navigate our human life journey.

Giving ourselves time to go within, or for introspection, can have dramatic effects on overcoming deep-seated fear and day to day worry.

Reflection, Introspection, Meditation

When you allow yourself the time, reflect and ask yourself “How does my existence feel?  What type of signature or flavour does my existence have?  If my soul had a mission, what would it be?”  Repeat the exercise a little bit every day, and see what answers arise for you.

When you get to know, and befriend your soul, you’ll come to know all the forces of the Universe are with you.  All the forces of the Universe ‘are’ you, forever.  Know it and you will live life without fear.