Sick of Worrying?

blood moon 2022

May 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse has energetically aligned us with an on-going opportunity to see how we need to move forward from the position of our soul journey.  It’s not so much about what we need to do as responsibilities like work or contribute to family, friends and our environment, but where we are now as a soul, and how the unfoldment of our soul is going. 

What is the ultimate goal of your soul?

Explore it just for a moment.  It is not to get ‘likes’, to attain or ‘possess’ things or to get approval.  The soul has no need for those things. 

To seek and find our own deepest and truest answers to this one question can offer a sense of ease, because we then get to move forward in a ‘whole,’ and inwardly balanced way.  In addition, asking this question, for ourselves, will determine our core values and moral code, to help better navigate a human life journey.

Going within, means making good with whatever we find there, which may be challenging, but it does bring peace of mind, and an opportunity to bring some curiosity and intrigue to the existence and purpose of our own unique soul.  Facing the hidden hurts and shadow sides of ourselves we prefer to hide is essential to overcoming deep-seated fear and day to day worry.

So, how do we find, or face, our shadow side?

Reflection, self observation, introspection, journaling, meditation, contemplation.

Find time to go inward. It may be a challenge. Start with just a few moments, or minutes.  Close your eyes and begin breathing into, and out of, your heart space.  Do your best to remove your attention from the thinking mind. 

Ask “How does my existence feel?  What type of signature or flavour does my existence have?  If my sould had a mission, what would it be?”  Repeat the exercise a little bit every day, and see what answers arise for you.

When you get to know your soul, you’ll know all the forces of the Universe are with you.  All the forces of the Universe ‘are’ you, forever.  Know it and live life without fear.