Depression versus Gratitude

Depression Versus Gratitude

Depression is an attitude

It is not something inflicted upon a person. I don’t believe it’s an illness, although I do recognise that an imbalance of minerals can contribute to an overall feeling of malaise. I believe depression is a state of mind. And there is one simple antidote; Gratitude.

I have observed the consuming effects of depression in my life. It comes over like a wave, at most times unexpectedly, and seems to consume everything good in it’s wake. But in the past few years I have been observing it more closely, from a detached perspective, without the need to personally identify with it.

Seeing depression from a slightly adjusted vantage point can make a huge difference. It somehow seems to lose it’s emotional charge and become something that comes and goes without really having a big impact.

There is no magic pill for depression, because there is no pill that can change our attitude. Without taking FULL responsibility for our state of being at all times there is little to no possibility for growth or change. Saying to yourself “I choose how I feel” can help shift the energy of depression and put the power to change your state, back in your court.

Gratitude is the first thing I look for when I feel depressed. Finding things to be thankful for is a powerful way to shift the state of depression to a feeling of acceptance and love.

We get one shot at this lifetime, make the effort to move out of depression by shifting your focus to gratitude!