What is Intuitive Guidance?

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Intuitive guidance occurs when we ‘tune out’ of the thinking mind and ‘tune in’ to the Heart.  From the Heart we experience more of a present ‘knowing’ of what, and how and when. Living from our intuition is like utilising a different operating system from the one that operates the thinking mind. It takes a little practice, but we all have the ability to connect with our inner guidance or intuition.

Could thinking be over-rated?

We have been taught that thinking is normal, but it takes a substantial amount of energy to think.  We have been led to believe that to be great, or successful, we have to think, or over think, things.

In today’s driven society, and with the internet providing a continual stream of information, the mind is typically ‘overloaded’. The Mayans talked about man’s heavy reliance on the thinking mind to solve problems and pointed out the alternative, if not the necessity, of returning to our intuitive abilities as a primary means of guidance.

What stands in the way of clear intuitive guidance?

Generally speaking, the mind controls the majority of our decision making through a series of thought processes. These thought processes include judgement, comparisons and ideas, all of which (eventually) lead to a decision. The average adult today thinks an enormous 90,000 – 120,000 thoughts a day. That’s a lot of energy consumption not to mention stress on the nervous system.

Surprisingly, even with so many thoughts, our intuition is still able to reveal itself, sometimes just enough to be ‘heard’. Have you ever been in a situation where an accident nearly happened but you had an impulse to ‘move’? That was your intuition. The thinking mind had no idea of the imminent disaster, because it was too busy thinking!

The intuition is always with us.

The intuition is like an inner voice or guide.  Where it distinctly differs from the thinking mind, however, is in the area of ‘all knowing’. The mind can accumulate lots of facts, opinions, conclusions, and perceptions, but it cannot ‘know’ the many variants within both the seen and unseen worlds at the same time. Our intuition can.

The intuition never lies. If not going to the party, for example, is more beneficial for everyone, then that is what our intuition will prompt us to do.

The intuition is always present. We cannot say, “I will intuitively feel like doing such and such tomorrow”, that would be coming from the mind.  Using the intuition to guide our decision making adds no stress to the nervous system, primarily because our intuition is ‘now’.  It has no need for collecting data from the memory banks or mulling over belief systems, facts or ideas. The intuition simply knows.

Honing the intuition involves exercising the awareness.

A good practice for utilising the intuition is to allow ourselves, whenever we remember, to gently direct our awareness inward.  Simply rest the awareness within, on the breath or a physical sensation and notice what happens. Shifting the awareness is a natural ability that we all have, and it requires no effort. If I say to be aware of your nose, your attention will naturally go there.  Moving the awareness is easy and can be sharpened through a good meditation practice.

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