How To Let Nature Empower You

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Nature has one goal.. to grow and thrive through its many expressions. Whether it be a vine that bares fruit, grass that feeds the animals, trees that clean the air, a tidal wave, an earthquake, or weeds filling up the bare ground, nature is continuously sustaining life, growing and healing, naturally.

But what is the invisible force that drives the growth and healing of nature? We could make the answer scientifically complicated or very simple. It is Love. Love is the background energy of EVERYTHING.

Love is the invisible soup we are immersed in. It is the invisibleness of who we are. Love is what propels growth and healing in nature.  Since we are an intimate part of nature it stands to reason that Love, through nature’s food, is also what propels the growth and healing in us.

We are nature’s co-creators

When man co-creates with nature, toward its unwavering goal, he has the power to magnify the effects of his own growth and healing. It is not an ‘out there’ philosophy that says ‘you are what you eat’, since everything that enters our body morphs and changes to become our very cells.

The love of man combined with the love of nature put into the growth of, let’s say, a carrot changes it from being a supermarket carrot into a life giving, love filled, super food. While the minerals and nutrients in the carrot contribute to good physical health, the pure healing intention of nature, driven by the almighty force of LOVE is really what sustains us.

When I first began gardening I came across a very helpful book called Anastasia by Vladimir Megre. The book is about a man, Vladimir, who meets a recluse woman, Anastasia, living in the Siberian Taiga. Anastasia talks about gardening and a simple method of communicating with the seeds by way of putting them in your mouth for a few minutes before planting.

By doing so the ‘intelligence’ of the seed can ‘read’ your make-up so that as it grows it can gather into itself exactly what it is your body needs for its greatest growth and healing.

This propelled me into a wonderful journey of on-going explorations and discoveries through growing my own food and interplanting in the garden. Throughout this time I have been eating and appreciating the food I have grown, and I have witnessed first hand, an escalation in my overall health and well being.

Not only that, but I started a company producing and supplying 100% organic Biological Fertiliser made using natural probiotic cultures, fish, and seaweed, to help farmers and growers to grow nutrient dense food while being kind to the planet.  More information about SONIC Natural Farming can be found here.

Humans need connection to Nature

You cannot be disconnected from the natural world but you can be unaware of it. Try and take time to connect and play in nature. Treat the natural world with the loving kindness and respect it deserves. Eat from the gardens or plants you have grown and nurtured yourself and your body will automatically imitate nature to heal and grow.

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