The Truth About Your Authentic Self

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Being authentic is living a life with purpose, and can only come from one thing;  truth.  The truth about who you are.  The truth about who you are relies on knowing the truth of where you came from.  In the cycle of life you can see you came from your mum and dad, but the truth of your existence goes beyond one physical life.

 You were created whole and complete

To be whole is to be complete, a state of being where you require nothing to be different.  A state of being where you have no needs, wants or desires and you are completely content with everything as it is now.  It’s a state where eternal Love, peace and joy, or your birthright, completely fulfills you.

Is that your experience of life? That was definitely not my experience for the greater part of my life, but it became obvious that I had a much greater purpose once I started to practice meditation.

There is a stark contrast between the ‘concept’ of our whole Self and the ‘experience’ of it. 

The experience of our whole Self goes beyond the thinking mind because it is the thinking mind itself that blocks the truth of our Reality from us.

Meditation is a practice that uses the awareness to move away from thought and rest instead in our whole state.  With practice, resting in our true state becomes the default and we begin to live our life from an authentic and fulfilled space.