What’s the Big Deal About Now?

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The conscious mind generally thinks in linear terms. Linear thinking thinks in a line, like a continuum, joining the past to the future, leaving out the ‘now’.  Thoughts of the past, or worries about the future, take up most of the time.

Do you have any time for now?

Most people are taught to think, and to think that thinking is primarily how you operate in the world.  Because we are conceptually taught it is easy to see the habit we have adopted of thinking our way through life, and how it clearly tramples over the top of the present moment. 

Sometimes very few moments in a persons life are ever really fully lived.  We are taught to dream of future circumstances, with the belief that when we reach the goal ‘then’ we can be happy.  Society has steered us to strive for things, and that we are only offered contentment when we get them.  But the only time we can experience happiness and contentment is now.

Keepin’ it simple

If it’s only possible to experience our contentment in the present moment, which it is, then it makes sense that we would want to live fully ‘in’ the present moment. That’s about as simple as it gets. We don’t want to miss a moment.

What if you knew the future held only bliss?

Through having tools to remind ourselves to be present, we can come to notice that there is an innocent excitement in not knowing the exact details of our future (or past).  By removing the need to over-plan, we can make use of the space with being aware and experiencing exactly whatever is being created for us right now.