What Are Our Emotions Trying To Tell Us?

what are our emotions trying to tell us?

I’ve been bonding with my faithful Tommy Emmanuel Limited Edition Maton guitar, a close companion of mine for around 24 years.  We’ve shared many tunes, tears and fun together.

I thank my stars that I grew up with a musical family.  Playing, singing and making music can soothe the soul, calm the mind and help to move emotions through the nervous system. 

Making Music is a Great Way to Get in Touch with a Vital Part of You.. The Part that can Feel

The power of music can be noticed when you are feeling down and you put on a slow, sad song, it will often bring you to tears since it exacerbates your current state.  Alternatively, you can feel down and put on, or sing, some music that is uplifting and it can uplift you.

How can witnessing or observing our emotions help us? 

It’s common to think that if we stuff our ‘negative’ emotions away then they are gone, but they don’t disappear, instead they get housed in an internal cave also known as the subconscious. Then any time we are triggered and feel the same emotion, it is exacerbated by the already built up pile.  We often get to a point where we feel that to unleash the backlog will literally kill us!  

But we can look at our triggered emotions as messages sent to us from our subconscious into our conscious awareness, so that we can let them go, as opposed to suppressing them.  Emotions are signposts.  Instead of getting swept away by them, we can welcome them and use them to better understand the beliefs we hold that are driving them.

In doing so, we have the ability to heal old emotions so that they don’t have a negative effect or impact on us, or the people around us.

Acknowledging Your Emotions Gives You the Steering Wheel of Life’s Emotional Roller Coaster 

How To Let Old Emotions Go
An effective method for releasing emotions, is to first notice you are over reacting or acting disproportionately to the situation. As soon as you notice, give the emotion space to be in your body.  Be with it as much as you can.  Breathe.  
Find the area of the body the emotion seems to be mostly located in, and the physical sensation associated with it. It may feel like a tightening of the chest, or an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach.  
Focus on the sensation, and avoid letting the mind get into a story or reason behind the emotion.  Keep your awareness on the sensation and the breath. Observe what occurs in your body without judgement.   
If you can, give the surfacing emotions your time and attention. 
Through this process, the emotions move out of the nervous system, rather than remaining stuck.  You also get to have the experience of your emotions not hurting you, which enables you to be less afraid of them.  
Over time you will master your emotions by knowing them, not by suppressing them, and you will lighten the load of subconscious old emotions, creating more space for your natural state of peace, joy and Love.
Sonja 💕