What Makes Your Heart Sing?

what makes your heart sing

Whatever it is that naturally uplifts you, do more of that

Why not make the singing heart rule?  What’s stopping you from choosing to focus your time and energy on the things that make your heart sing?  To some it may feel more like a humm than a singing however every soul knows what it is to experience a singing or joyful heart.  Perhaps you can recall a time now?  It may be the simplest of things.  I have had it lately in a BIG way with my first grandson.  My heart sings so big when I’m with him, watching him learn and grow and experiencing everything brand new.

Have you ever noticed when the heart is in full swing and in the bliss of the moment that the experience itself takes over and the mental chatter is automatically brushed to the side? The experience when the heart is happy or elated seems much more ‘lived’ or lived to a fuller capacity.  I wonder if it’s because the awareness opens up to embrace all of the tiniest details, capturing you and dissolving thoughts along the way. Experiencing the raw nature of life, as it is occurring, may be rare but is well worth discovering.

Experiencing life – as it is occurring – is how it is meant to be

We are not designed to be living in our heads, thinking of the past and wondering about the future all the time.  Nor are we designed to see life as we think it should be or through the labels and perceptions we place on the experience ‘after’ it has occurred.  Life is happening now, where are you?

One way to live life as it is occurring now is through practicing focus and meditation exercises that help to hone the awareness. Gentleness and allowance with the mind is important and practices that attempt to force thoughts away, in my experience are not really effective.

Practice the art of gently allowing, with a goal to be free

Gentleness begins in the mind and when fostered through choice it flows on toward a gentleness in all of life.  Gentleness also promotes a natural allowing or accepting of life to be exactly as it is.  This in turn creates an immense freedom since your happiness is now something experienced inside of you.  You’re no longer dependent on gaining happiness from those around you and things of the world.